MissionGO, Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland “reshape future of medical blood transport” with successful drone trial

MissionGo and Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland has announced their recent collaboration where they successfully delivered organ and blood samples. This method of medical transport makes it three times faster than overground transport when it comes to delivering medical supplies. The MissionGO MG Velos 100 has the ability to track, monitor, and deliver all within its software. 

“About 20 lives are lost every day waiting for an organ transplant. As the demand of blood shipment to laboratories increases, it is imperative more than ever that we support and facilitate these types of initiatives in order to decrease the total turnaround time for donor matching results and get recipients the organs they need in time,”
    - Said Charlie Alexander, president and CEO of The LLF.

“We are passionate about saving and enhancing lives through donation, while honoring the legacy and generosity of our donors and their families. Continuing to make these medical advancements furthers our mission to save more lives, and we look forward to finding more innovative ways to help those in need.”


Original article published by UrbanAirMobilityNews.com on August 17th, 2021


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