Focused Support LLC Joins Advanced Mobility Collective

Adds Next-Level Airspace Awareness & Visibility to Wildfire Management & Disaster Response Toolkit

“It’s an honor to bring Focused Support LLC and their real-time airspace collaboration platform into the network of networks that we are building at The Collective!” – Todd Spain, Executive Director

The Advanced Mobility Collective announces the addition of Focused  Support  LLC  to its growing list of member companies. This Utah-based service-disabled veteran-owned small business develops, deploys, and sustains software and hardware products for both public and private aviation.

Jonathan “Yama” Shill, Focused Support Chief Executive Officer, is a former United States Air Force fighter pilot.  During his years of military service, Shill piloted the F-15C air superiority fighter, as well as the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft.  Shill’s tactical expertise enabled him to provide essential subject matter expertise in the design of MQ-9 weapons displays.  Shill’s crucial input was recognized by Air Force leadership resulting in his selection to lead developmental flight test of Predator and Reaper Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).  This wealth of UAS experience translated into creating tactical products and services with a complete end-to-end operational picture in mind.

Shill founded Focused Support in 2011 and brought on Adam Stull, former Senior Software Engineer at Raytheon Solipsys and developer of the Zeus mission execution software system, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Together, the two developed a dual-use cloud-based technical platform, Cavok, that integrates flight planning,

monitoring, and third-party systems, such as weather applications, in real-time, to provide essential data to all mission participants. In late 2020, the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) chose the company to replace its legacy Tactical Situational Display at its remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operations centers. (For more information on Cavok,  watch  this  video.)

The nation’s first responders and citizens require robust situational awareness to help mitigate, respond, and recover in any disaster, including during wildfire prevention, suppression, and management. The Collective creates repeatable disaster

management and resiliency advanced mobility solutions by fusing the right economically sustainable digital, communication, physical and process systems experts, companies, equipment, and resources necessary to deliver essential outcomes. Focused Support’s team and systems are a perfect fit to support The Collective’s mission.

Focused Support’s collaborative enterprise-wide [tactical execution platform] will help enable disaster management and recovery efforts. Focused Support brings a combined 75 years of experience developing military and commercial hardware and software for both the military and the private sector to our suite of solutions. We welcome them to the team!” - Todd Spain, Executive Director

About The Collective: The Collective is a nonprofit global community of business, technology, government, and research partners bringing new mobility services to life by acting as a catalyst for innovation and economic development for connected and autonomous vehicles in the air and on the ground. Consistent with its purpose, to grow and shape the Advanced Mobility Ecosystem, AMC frames real-world challenges and links companies, partners, services, Federal, State, and Local bodies to solve them collaboratively.

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