Drone Industry Systems Corporation Partners With The Advanced Mobility Collective

“Vertiport In-A-Box System” Enables Smart Fleet Logistics for the Mission

“The Collective has partnered with Drone Industry Systems Corporation, the company that provides state of the art smart rooftop and ground vertiport and telemetry infrastructure, to launch the first true last-mile AAM/UAS logistics together!” – Todd Spain, Executive Director

The Advanced Mobility Collective has just partnered with Drone Industry Systems Corporation (DISC), a Chicago-based company that delivers a novel smart UAS/UAV/VTOL/EVTOL/UGV Autonomous Fleet Logistic Infrastructure and Delivery System or “Vertiport In-A-Box System” (VIB) intellectual property. This critical infrastructure will enable full-spectrum commercial operations including passenger-carrying and cargo AAM use cases, using a wide range of vehicles from small drones to large eVTOL aircraft.

According to DISC CEO, Mike DiCosola, the VIB turnkey solution has three components: 

(1) an all-in-one fully autonomous smart AAM/UAS “airport,” a one-of-a-kind holistic/agnostic/flexible/modular/scalable/integrative node-centric platform with takeoff/landing pads, charging stations, weather data exchange/sharing, USS, UTM, and C-UAS/C-EMP systems including full-spectrum frequency capabilities and 

(2) a separate but integrated smart UAV/VTOL/EVTOL mailbox/parcel landing/deploying pad and charging station that incorporates cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML), SMS, SRM, CRM, QMS, QA, SA with cloud blockchain and IoT solutions. The VIB also operates a fully integrated UTM system with USS and LAANC authorization integration, communications, and emergency in-house and third-party back-to-home-base features. This solution includes UAV/VTOL/EVTOL garage/hanger charging stations and landing pads with auto battery changing and charging. The transformative and disruptive mobile physical system, easily transported in a box, and can be ground-based (e.g. parking lots or areas) or placed on a rooftop. Third-party aviation manufactures and sensor companies can be easily integrated into the platform to allow for industry participation.

(3) a fully integrated blockchain data validation/ledgering cloud and edge computing integration offering third-party full-stack onboarding and cybersecurity support.

The Collective assembles and interconnects the digital, communication physical, and process systems for repeatable solutions with an emphasis on healthcare delivery and disaster management and recovery, including wildland fires. When interconnected, its members’ advanced mobility products and services, deliver impactful outcomes by designing and developing economically sustainable operations.

DiCosola elaborates on how the VIB will benefit these missions. “The VIB can safely support all of the missions that The Collective aims to impact, including urban, suburban, rural, regional, and interregional drone delivery, passenger-carrying, cargo and surveillance applications, and other complex operations between cities/metropolitan/rural areas inclusive of vehicle flight ranges up to 500 miles,” he says explains that "DISC’s VIB platform is right in line and can be directly integrated with The Collective, by using existing and available rooftop and ground real estate that can be designed for layered multi-use autonomous infrastructure and footprinted to use case specifications. DISC also supports The Collective’s System of Systems model with its focus on sustainability."

“The Collective welcomes Drone Industry Systems Corps to the team, and is excited to add its Vertiport-in-a-Box system to the toolkit! We look forward to partnering to enable safe high volume commercial AAM ops in support of our healthcare and disaster management missions!”  - Todd Spain, Executive Director

About The Collective: The Collective is a nonprofit global community of business, technology, government, and research partners bringing new mobility services to life by acting as a catalyst for innovation and economic development for connected and autonomous vehicles in the air and on the ground. Consistent with its purpose, to grow and shape the Advanced Mobility Ecosystem, AMC frames real-world challenges and links companies, partners, services, Federal, State, and Local bodies to solve them collaboratively.

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